The 2012 Olympics

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Someone had to start one right ::)

Some have said we 'over estimated' & expected too much from our swim team ?
Others have said the government needs to invest 'more money'
PLEASE !! Give me a Break !!
Swimming Australia has had a Government funded silver spoon up it's arse for decades.Mostly at the expense of other sporting sections.
We don't have the corporate billions of the USA to pour into the Olympics.
Nor do we have the perform or perish doctrine of Communist China

I'm glad that these Olympics have finally shone a light on what many have taken for granted as our divine right too 'rule the pool'.
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Hail Storm
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Because Hadley is commentating the Broncos game, I've switched over to the Paralympics. I've just watched an armless swimmer do 50m freestyle and headbutt the pad at the end. I will never complain about how crook I feel again.
These guys are unbelieveable!

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I was disgusted with all the crap surrounding the Aussie Olympians. Since when has being the 2nd or 3rd best in the world been 'a disgrace'?

Nobody would be more shattered about losing a final, after smashing it in heats, than the athlete(s) themselves. They certainly did not need the disgraceful Australian media, and public, laying in the boots.
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