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If anyone is interested in helping me start a team in Frankston please get in touch.
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There's already an established senior team down that way:

Casey Sharks
Clyde Recreation Reserve
Pattersons Road, Clyde
Mel ref: 134:K8
Contact: 0414 339 066 lists all the clubs in the Victorian competition and has contact details for the league
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Can never have too many teams in the VRL, mate.
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LESStar58 wrote: Can never have too many teams in the VRL, mate.
My son has started training with Southern Force in Moorabbin (not the Rams in Keys Rd but a proper RL club in Dane Rd) and they're struggling to get players so much they've been forced to share with other teams  :'(
He's supposed to be playing his first game this Sat which may be in Sunbury  :?
That is IF the VRL remember them this time!!  At the VRL Gala Day recently our guys were looking forward to getting in to it but the bloody VRL 'forgot' them and they couldn't play  :x
If all goes well he'll be one eager player who had best wishes from a few ex-Storm players!!  ;D
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I used to play for the Frankston Sharks which later became the Casey Sharks ,

Yes, there once was a club in Frankston, and we won a couple of premierships, glory days.
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