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Hey stormers,

Im George, i'm a Melbournian. Well, was. I've had to move up to the country to study Dentistry. I'm easy going and enjoy coming down to melbourne to watch the storm play whenever the opportunity arises. I know its slack of me (please dont shoot), but I havnt exactly had the funds to sign up the last few years, being a university student and all. That coupled with the fact that I'm rarely in Melbourne to attend the matches. But in a couple of years time, when money is a bit more free flowing, and I return to Melbourne, I'll be the first to sign up....(told you not to shoot :))

Somebody from stormman's facebook site directed me to this forum when I posted if anybody has any spare tickets they wont use to the final match. I've been addicted since (well, yesterday...haha), I even made a sig and all. Really enjoying the forums. Hope to get to know you guys, and see y'all around.

Ps. I still havn't got any tickets, so yeah, it's still out there. If anybody has any tickets that they wont be using, I'd happily buy it off you. And I promise you, the seat will be full of colour and voice ;)
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Welcome Doboman,  there will be a limited number of tickets available for the game on the day, try to get there early so you're first in line at the ticket box.
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Welcome to the site ......
Its ok u havent had money to buy membership, there is only so much to go round.
As long as you spread the Storm Spirit around, and wear the colours with purple pride...

I think you got some tickets - hope you did...

Have fun ;D
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Welcome, Doboman.
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