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Re: ‘Line crossed:’ Storm complain to NRL, Fox Sports over Bellamy bashing

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:43 pm
by six rings
I have been really impressed by the way the Melbourne Storm have handled this so far. You really need to stand up to bullies and call them out.

It will be interesting to see if Kenty has another go at the Melbourne Storm next time he thinks he needs a villain for his Sydney audience. With the Queensland teams up the "putt" at the moment, Melbourne are the only non NSW team who are a threat that he can abuse

Re: ‘Line crossed:’ Storm complain to NRL, Fox Sports over Bellamy bashing

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:03 pm
by RobbieRoss
Phillip Island Storm wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:35 pm Was that a half-hearted apology by Kent on NRL360 last night. If it was, then it was Pretty p.... poor. I wonder if the NRL told him to say something, or if Bellamy chewed his ear off
He only apologised for using the word “maim”. The basic tenor of his statement was that he was only stirring things up, because people like a good war of words. Pathetic. Basically defamation is justifiable because it satisfies the masses . He truly is a very sad excuse for a human being, is Mr Kent.

Re: ‘Line crossed:’ Storm complain to NRL, Fox Sports over Bellamy bashing

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:42 pm
by six rings
Since it started on 6 March 2013, the NRL 360 program on Fox has attempted to dominate the narrative around the game with made up, manipulated news that only has a small semblance to the facts and anything controversial becomes immediate click bait for the Fox Sports website.

This is the problem with modern sports, the game has become secondary to the actually talking heads and their overheated drama exaggerations based on the narrative they wish to spew at the world.

The fake news narrative for their Sydney public on Melbourne Storm has always been the same - Cheats!

Whatever way they turn it, its always a veil and not so veil reference to the Melbourne Storm as "cheats". Salary Cap, play the ball, tackling, Cameron Smith talking to refs, Belly Ache flaunting the rules through his coaching - whatever they can get to push the narrative of Melbourne Storm as cheats.

And our club has had a gut full.

Re: ‘Line crossed:’ Storm complain to NRL, Fox Sports over Bellamy bashing

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:56 am
by six rings
The only ones out of Sydney who give us any credit are the Johns brothers. Maybe coming from Newcastle they are outside the Sydney Centric bubble or maybe its because Cooper is in Melbourne or that Matty has worked closely with our team as a consultant and knows Belly Ache very well and appreciates how hard it is coming from a non Rugby League area to sell the game. Joey is very good as well. His analysis is unbiased and pretty level headed.

Here is a funny story Matty told on SEN this morning. ... 5963d88eb9

“I was down at the local betting on the seventh race at the Ascot, and I’ve had more than my fill when my young fella Cooper who incidentally is at the Storm now rung me and said, ‘The Storm are playing at Brookvale can we go to the game?’. I said yes, and we got in a taxi and I picked him up.

“We go to the game and I start whacking a few cans and I haven’t had a drink in 12 months.

“Anyway, it’s a horrible night for the Melbourne Storm, Manly put the cleaners right through them and the siren goes and I’m not in a good way.

“I said to Cooper, ‘Let’s go home’, but he said, ‘Dad you said you’d get us into the sheds after the game’, so I said, ‘Alright c’mon let’s go’.

“I was horrified because they let me straight into the sheds and not only the sheds, but they let me into the inner sanctum, I’m standing there, and Craig Bellamy is giving the side a horrible spray.

“So, I thought it’d be funny if I piped up, so I said, ‘Ease up old man! Take it easy on them, a loss every now and then would do them good’.

“He was staring at me and the players were looking at me and I said, ‘Listen boys, I’ve had my first drink in about 12 months, how about we head out on the town?’

“I got a Gatorade cup and filled it up and walked over to Finchy (Brett Finch) and told him to drink up, but he said, ‘Matty it’s half time!’

“Since that time, I’ve sworn off the vodka.”