Three Grades Playing on an NRL Game Day.

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Itzbek the Purple
Hail Storm
Hail Storm
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Foxsports are reporting a move to have Under 21's, Reserves and the main team play on the same day at the same location. Not really sure how that would work for us! ... 0a0215c996
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Tropical Cyclone
Tropical Cyclone
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Well unless QCup decides to play game out of Melbourne it won’t happen

I mean we have 18s and 20s in nswrl and they play in Melbourne every few weeks but it’s mostly out Casey fields or Werribee they could move them to aami and play before storm

Or have the NRLVic comp share games between clubs and have the Tbolts play and make it 3 games

I personally like the last idea cause it wiould showcase local league teams like mine haha and then I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the game to get to aami in time
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