Storm V Manly Banner

All discussion / requests etc for banners, pics and avatars.
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Filthy Teeve
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Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:32 pm

C'mon guys, it's the (probable) return of... him... back to the graveyard this week. Let's get some ideas for the banner to make him feel at home. How about:

Tonight at O.P.
We welcome back Ox
For dinner is roast eagle
Complete with Gravox


'For Love or Money Orford?' with a picture of the trophy next to it.


Belly and Orford
Sitting on a beach
Cursing each other
Cause their trophy's out of reach
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Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:49 pm

My suggestion was better!  :P

Storm - Minor Premiers

That's Gold!!

(and a pic of the fist in the hand)

Guaranteed to get on tv, specially on the Footy Show  ;)
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