War Of The Worlds

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Rose Madder
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Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:06 pm

As I do on a regular basis,I watched the live stage show of War Of The Worlds again last night,and I still marvel at the talent of these people,Justin Hayward is a legend,but I hear jeff Wayne has put a new show together,with Liam Neison as the voice of the Jounalist and Marty Pellow is in it as well,hope they bring it out here,I saw the last one at Rod Laver arena a few years ago now and it was spectacular,I could not imagine it getting any better than that,but would still go and see it .Love Liam Neison too !!!... ooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
If you haven't sen it and you like the album War Of The Worlds,do your self a favor and get a DVD of the show..it is awesome.
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