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Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:11 pm

Given there have been teams qualify for the next RLWC in the last few weeks or so, I thought I would start a thread for RLWC 2021. RLWC 2021 will be a 16 team competition.

The eight quarter finalists from 2017 are automatic qualifiers. Here is a list of the countries that have qualified and how the other countries will qualify:
1. Automatic England
2. Automatic Australia
3. Automatic Fiji
4. Automatic Lebanon
5. Automatic New Zealand
6. Automatic PNG
7. Automatic Samoa
8. Automatic Tonga
9. First in European Championship 2018 France
10. Second in European Championship 2018 Wales
11. Winners Americas Championship 2018 Jamaica
12. Winner European Playoffs 2019 Pool A *
13. Runner-Up European Playoffs 2019 Pool A *
14.Winner European Playoffs 2019 Pool B *
15.Runner-Up European Playoffs 2019 Pool B *
16.Winner of Repecharge Series Oct / Nov 2019 (Americas Runner Up (USA), Next Highest Ranked Middle East / Africa nation (behind Lebanon) and next highest ranked Asia Pacific Nation)

* European Playoffs 2019 October / November 2019
Following six teams will be split into two pools and the top 2 in each pool qualify for RLWC 2021
Ireland (3rd in European Championship 2018)
Scotland (4th in European Championship 2018)
Russia (1st in European Championship B 2018)
Spain (2nd in European Championship B 2018)
Winner of European Champiosnhip C final to be played in 2019 Greece v Norway
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