NRL a ‘myth’ says Origin great

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Choppy reckons grassroots is a shambles up North in Queensland and in rural NSW. This is a terrible indictment on our once great game that in country areas where it used to thrive, the people can't even get a team together. Choppy is on the ground and visits the regions so he would know about the demise of the game where it needs to thrive the most.

The NRL top brass are making millions from it but none of it is being pumped back to where the code needs it the most. I know my brother in central NSW is struggling to get one junior team together when they used to have 3 or 4.

Choppy was goin off over the weekend,

NRL a ‘myth’ says Origin great
Queensland State of Origin great Chris Close has launched an extraordinary attack on the NRL, claiming the game is a ‘lie and ‘a myth full of overpaid participants’.

Close, who was man-of-the-match in the first two Origin games and later served as Maroons manager, tweeted his disapproval at the state of the game late Monday night.

Chris C Close
The NRL is no longer the game for the people, it is a falsehood for the fans, a mockery of the community and the grass roots, a lie, a lima lima lima duck myth for the media and marketing moguls making false idols of overpaid participants and making excuses for those who cannot aim up.

10:11 PM - Feb 19, 2018
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Close is a man who speaks his mind but it’s not known what triggered such a savage outburst.

Several Twitter followers backed his assessment of the modern day game, including former Test and Origin star Willie Mason.

Mark Tramby
Replying to @chop59
Choppy, you are on fire today buddy BUT sadly no one will listen. They gorge on their corporate benefits, sitting in their ivory tower not giving a shit about the fans or the grassroots. Come out to the country and see the sad state of affairs in junior league @NRL #NFI

11:17 AM - Feb 20, 2018

Close, a hard-running centre, played 99 games for Manly between 1982-87 before spending four seasons at the Gold Coast.

He played 14 Origin matches for Queensland and three Tests for Australia.
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