Round 3 - Storm vs Raiders

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Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:06 pm

Honestly, that whole “Cam is stifling the halves” thing has been proven a myth numerous times. It may seem like he didn’t give Croft a fair go because that was the narrative being pushed in the media (Ennis started it based on nothing), but the stats showed that to be completely false.

Croft was receiving the ball almost as much as halfbacks in other teams. Munster was receiving it slightly more but he was the QLD and AUS 5/8. If he didn’t get it more than Croft, then questions should be asked. Croft was also doing the lions share of general play kicking, Munster next and Smith chiming in.

Croft was just a dud, as much as a lot of people don’t want to hear it. He had the occasional brilliance (see his try for the Broncos) but he was never consistent and had much more bad than good (see the rest of the same Broncos game, especially the second half).

Hughes, whilst not a traditional halfback, offers much less “bad” than Croft and I think will shine if given the time. We have previously persevered with a makeshift halfback and that turned out alright.

There is a fundamental issue with our attacking structure at the moment and our efforts need to go into working out our best way to work with the new rules rather than just trying to chop and change personnel to play within the same structure. IMO of course.
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